ForzaStone-5ForzaStone® is a natural quarried stone.  This is an awesome product to enhance any bathroom remodel project. It is cut to a thin 5 mm and reinforced with aluminum alloy for a total thickness of 9 mm.  It is 800% stronger than a 3 cm thick slab.  The backer reinforcement is permanently bound to the stone using Low-VOC epoxy adhesives.  This is supported by a lifetime guarantee.

The natural stone panels are large-scale and lightweight.  The design is customizable and will be groutless and durable.  Forzastone® panels and accessories are very easy to clean and maintain and will never fade or discolor.

ForzaStone-4Stone is one of the most weather resistant and longest lasting of building materials.  This means ForzaStone® does not need to be repainted, refinished or replaced like other materials.  This eliminates solvents and saves energy and reduces waste.

“At ForzaStone®, we are committed to long-term sustainability and environmental design, and strive to deliver a naturally luxurious, naturally durable, naturally green product.”

There are several different colors to choose from so can help you design your perfect bathroom.  We can match the new shower floor and curb to your wall panels and include accessories as well.  These can include deco mosaics, corner soap dishes, shampoo caddies to hold product, trim and edge detail and corner seats or custom benches.  We can even design a custom ForzaStone® vanity counter-top to match your wall panels.

For all of your bathroom remodeling needs, look to to make it a reality and keep it in budget.