BCI Acrylic

4 shelf CADDY BrecchiaBCI Acrylic Bath Systems, Inc. is one of the largest independent manufacturers of products in the bathroom remodeling industry.  They manufacture replacement shower bases, replacement bathtubs, acrylic bathtub liners, wall systems and many other related products.  Using BCI products, can create a beautiful and fresh new look for your bathroom.  BCI products are a stylish, cost-effective and extremely low-maintenance option for our customers.

“BCI was created to meet the needs of consumers who were dissatisfied with the quality and workmanship available in the marketplace.  Standing behind our products, we’ve developed an unrivaled reputation for quality and workmanship as a manufacturer of acrylic bath and shower solutions.  We extend that level of quality into all of our products.”

6x6 Travertine walls BCI

BCI bath and shower products include: tub-to-shower conversions, replacement shower bases, replacement bathtubs, wall surrounds, bath liners, barrier-free showers (for easy access from a wheelchair), walk-in bathtubs (from soaker tubs to tubs with hydrotherapy jets) and many accessories like seats, decorative trim, corner caddies and shelves to compliment your new tub or shower area.

BCI offers many different colors and patterns to choose from and they back each system with a Lifetime Warranty.  Their products are made with the thickest acrylic material available, making them very durable.  Acrylic is a non-porous material which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.  Because the material is a solid color throughout, the color won’t chip, peel or fade.  With proper maintenance, a BCI bath or shower can last a lifetime.  The material is extremely easy to work with which means we can install a BCI bathtub or shower system in as little as two days.  Using BCI products, can design a bathtub or shower area that is accessible, safe and will look beautiful for years to come! has over 20 years experience and have many clients that are over joyed with the results. Call us today, we will give you a free in home design consultation for your bathroom remodel project. Call (520) 333-5000