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Possibly the Best of All Worlds


Acrylic is one of the few remodeling options that provide a positive avenue for most renovation needs. Acrylic gives timely installs, is cost effective, provides minimal maintenance and is a guaranteed product.

But first, what you can’t see does matter.  With Xtremebath, you get a company that takes the wet area back to the studs. Then we install plywood around the same area. (Allowing the installation of grab bars and other appliances at any future date). This is followed by installing an upgraded vapor barrier called “Denseshield”.

With this solid base, we can move forward with the timely installation of water proof acrylic, usually within days.

Acrylic also provides an extremely cost effective alternative. Our durable custom fit to size wall and floor panels give our clients one of the least expensive bath renovations available in today’s market place.

Because acrylics are non-porous, there are no openings for chemicals, soap films or dirt to penetrate. This means cleaning is done by simply wiping off walls with a squeegee, finally, a surface requiring almost no maintenance.

Lastly, what about a guarantee. Our BCI Acrylics are not guaranteed for five, ten or fifteen years, but for as long as you own your home, a virtual lifetime guarantee.

As you explore your bath renovation options, we hope you see and utilize the clear advantages acrylic brings to the table.